Captain Phasma Comic Review: Issues #1-3 — the survivor reigns supreme


Captain Phasma has a secret she’s desperate to hide in the new 4 part miniseries courtesy of Lucasfilm and Marvel Comics…

Following the momentum started by Delilah S. Dawson’s novel Star Wars: Phasma, the first three issues of new Captain Phasma 4 part miniseries have been released. The comic has added more depth to the character that Dawson provided so much insight to.

Issue #1 begins with Captain Phasma’s escape from the trash compactor on Star Killer Base. Prior to escaping the critically damaged New Order base, she takes care to erase any data that can point to her lowering of the station’s shields.  It’s only then that she discovers that an imperial agent, Lieutenant Sol Rivas has downloaded the data of her transgression.


In Issue #2 with the assistance of Tie Fighter Pilot TN-3465, Captain Phasma is able to track done Lt. Rivas to the Lupropa System. It is here that we once again see Captain Phasma using TN-3465 and the villagers found on the system for the sole purpose of eliminating Sol Rivas. Her instincts as a survivor at all cost have kicked in and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep her position within the First Order secure.


Issue # 3 finds the good Captain leading the local villagers against the native sea creatures found on the Lupropa system.  She cons the villager into thinking she’s here to save them.  Instead, she will start a battle in order to get to Rivas and keep her secret safe.  She means to sacrifice everyone for her own means.


What we learn about Captain Phasma…

The series continues to add depth to Phasma’s character and what her true motivations are.  She is less tied to the First Order’s cause than she is her own ascent to power.  Phasma is willing to sacrifice anyone and everyone who stands in the way of her ambitions. She is, however, not willing to sacrifice herself for the First Order’s cause.

As usual, the books are adorned with incredible artwork and a great narrative.  Marvel Comics has done an excellent job with these character miniseries to date.  The series helps provide background and depth to the characters introduced in The Force Awakens.

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With Issue #4 releasing October 18, it’ll be interesting to see how the series wraps and how Captain Phasma will transition into a more prominent role in The Last Jedi.   Will she continue to serve the First Order in the same capacity, or will her survivor’s instincts lead her down another path?