Dork Side Comic Review: Meet the Inquisitors in Darth Vader #6

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Easter Eggs

Inquisitors and more Inquisitors

We only see a total of 4 of these Jedi-hunters in Rebels, read/listen about one more from the Ahsoka novel, but in this issue, we get to see them all together for the very first time, with a few others added to the mix. This makes me wonder how many more of these Dark Side acolytes there were at their peak and if we will see the story of how they all meet their demise, which is rumored to have been executed by Darth Vader in an Order 66-like way. Brutal. Treachery is the ways of the Sith, though.

Vader embraces his inner “Hamlet” 

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There is a brief — if you blink you will miss it — moment when Vader mirrors that of a famous Shakespearean tale, which both are not lost on me and I see the irony, with it resembling the famous skull image from Hamlet, where this is no doubt a nod to that classic story. Vader must embrace his destiny, while the main character in Hamlet his. The photo above with Mark Hamill was just perfect for this very moment.

The Grand Inquisitor reflecting on his time as a Jedi Temple guard

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We learn the motivations and reasoning for the Grand Inquisitor’s turn to the Dark Side. As a Jedi Temple guard, he was denied access to the Jedi Temple Archives, which contained all of the secrets of the Force, both Dark and Light for thousands of millennia, which he had been craving for years. This explains why he is so well versed about 15 years later within the canon when we meet him in Rebels and he is teaching Kanan all about his knowledge of it.

Returning to the Works

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The meeting place of Darth Sidious and Darth Tyrannus at the end of Episode II, this clandestine secret fortress has a wide variety of connections to the hidden schemes of Emperor Palpatine. He once kept all of his former Sith relics here, until moving them to the Grand Republic Medical Facility, then later the new Imperial Palace aka the (former) Jedi temple.

Count Dooku’s statue

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Speaking of Dooku, you can see briefly in Episode II — when Obi-Wan Kenobi seeks the help of Jocasta Nu in the Jedi Temple — a bust of Dooku next to a handful others. According to the Revenge of the Sith novelization and also (canon) deleted scene, as well as the visual dictionary, we learn that Dooku is one of 20 Jedi Masters to leave the order, where there is a memorial for them to serve as a reminder for the Jedi Order of their shortcomings. None of the others, to my knowledge, turned to the Dark Side and it was even a shock to the Jedi Council when they learned that Dooku himself had turned to the Dark Side and became the Sith Lord Darth Tyranus.

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Jocasta Nu

Speak of the devil, Jocasta Nu also makes an appearance in this issue. She is the very Jedi that we see at the end of the issue and one of great importance. More than just a mere librarian, this Jedi Master has enough information and knowledge to bring the Jedi Light (Side) back to the galaxy and Palpatine knows this. That is why he will send Vader and numerous Inquisitors with him to defeat this dangerous adversary. My prediction is that she will, in fact, die — which is no shocker — but will pass on the knowledge she has safeguarded onto Lor San Tekka, the explorer from The Force Awakens whom Kylo Ren murders at the beginning of the film. We discover in the visual guide for the film that he was able to preserve Jedi teachings during the Empire, later passing them onto Luke Skywalker.

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Vader # 7 drops November 1, where we will spend much more time with Vader and his new set of toys, the Inquisitors.

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