Details emerge of Luke Skywalker connections to Jakku


Luke Skywalker apparently paid a visit to Jakku during the time of the Empire’s rule of the galaxy…

This past weekend at New York Comic Con, the highly anticipated novel The Legends of Luke Skywalker was available (one month early) for those who attended the event. An attendee revealed details of The Legends of Luke Skywalker on the StarWarsLeaks subreddit. *Spoilers ahead on Luke Skywalker from the upcoming novel*

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"Luke on Jakku from the point of view of an Imperial who served on a Star Destroyer. He tells an impossible story of Luke dispatching capital ships in space with his lightsaber and the Force. After the Imperial’s Star Destroyer crashes, he is recovered from the wreckage by a mysterious figure who drags the wounded Imperial across the desert, picking up salvage from the battle and searching for other survivors."

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First off, I really enjoy the style of writing the novel seems to embrace, where this adventure comes from the perspective of an everyday citizen, just like the recently released novel From A Certain Point of View. When we meet Luke in The Last Jedi, revealed in the most recent trailer, we find a broken and powerless man. It’s easy to forget that Luke was once a man who was directly involved with Galactic affairs, risking it all for the cause or even the everyday citizen.

"The figure wears clothes noted to look like Luke’s and talks about growing up in another desert. The figure tells the Imperial that he plans to deliver the Imperial to an Imperial stronghold beyond the dunes.  The Imperial becomes certain that the figure is Luke after he rescues the Imperial and a group of scavengers from a disaster caused by a reactor leak from a crashed Star Destroyer."

I don’t know about you, but Luke’s attire in Return of the Jedi is so bad ass. My cosplay is a combination of that and his father Anakin Skywalker from Episode III. 

"The Empire tells the Imperial that Luke Skywalker wasn’t anywhere near Jakku and throws him out for being a traitor, so the Imperial returns to Jakku and becomes a scavenger, now having faith in Luke."

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

It was always assumed that Lor San Tekka was the one responsible for the presence of The Church of the Force on Jakku. However, we learn from these details and from The Force Awakens visual guide that the once Galactic explorer retired on Jakku, with the religious sect already active on the desert planet. Luke apparently had such a drastic impact on this Imperial that the Dark Side servant became an ambassador of the light, abandoning the darkness altogether, becoming a believer in the Jedi instead.

Also, this shows that either Luke and/or this Imperial could have some sort of connection to Rey. Those of you clinging to the Luke Skywalker is Rey’s father theory, there is hope for you yet!

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I am eager to see if Luke will deal with the demons of his past in The Last Jedi, in order to return as the hero we grew accustomed to growing up. The galaxy needs you Luke Skywalker!