The Last Jedi: TV spot reveals new footage and dialogue


A TV spot for The Last Jedi surfaces, revealing more dialogue of Luke and Rey, as well as some new footage…

Where were you when the latest trailer dropped for The Last Jedi? Most of us were suffering through an unbearable Monday Night Football game, while others waited for it to drop on YouTube. No matter your style, we all were treated to one for the ages, with Lucasfilm providing us with maybe their best trailer to date.

They aren’t done giving us new footage apparently, as more has surfaced in a TV spot for The Last Jedi, with much of the same material as we got Monday, but a few more juicy details.

"Luke: Why are you here?Rey: Something inside me is awake, and I need help."

Nothing really shocking there, as Luke’s previous expression from Monday’s trailer strongly suggest that he wants no part of Rey being there. However, this four-word inquisition could be quite telling if you dig a little deeper. Maybe I’m looking too much into this — that’s what I get paid for so why not — but Luke saying  “Why are you here?”  instead of “Who are you?” sheds some light on the mystery of Rey. Luke must know who Rey is and does not want to train her for reasons unknown to us. We do know that Luke is aware of her great power and will likely be reluctant to train her because of such ability.

Recent reveals on the newest upcoming novel — which was available to those at NYCC last weekend — The Legends of Luke Skywalker show that the Jedi Master has major connections to Rey’s home-world of Jakku, so these two things can be heavily connected.

We then get some new images of Finn and Phasma, showing that this will be a battle royale and a fight for the ages (hopefully). Speaking of the former Stormtrooper FN-2187, he is a character like Star Wars has never seen before. A “bad guy” defecting from the enemy and risking it all for complete strangers — Poe and then Rey — is just flat out impressive. I hope this film, and fight, add even more depth to an already intriguing character

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With the latest trailer — and now TV teaser to go with it — the hype is at an all-time high for The Last Jedi, which drops December 15. Did you enjoy the trailer? What moments took your breath away? Tell us in comments below and on our social media pages.

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