(Video) Bo-Katan returns in Star Wars Rebels Season 4


Star Wars Rebels season 4 premieres October 16, and Disney XD has dropped a new teaser-clip for the season…

In this short 1:32 clip in promotion of Rebels season four, we are taken to Mandalore, where we catch up with Sabine, as her people are preparing for the fight to reclaim Sabine’s home-world of Mandalore:

"I had my chance to rule and I failed. I am not my sister. I am not the leader you seek."

We learn from Fenn Rau in the clip that before the end of the Clone Wars, Bo-Katan was viewed as the de facto leader, even though Maul was still technically in-charge at the time. After the great Jedi purge and the Republic’s transformation into the Empire, Katan refused to follow Emperor Palpatine and was betrayed by the Saxon clan, who pledged their loyalty to the Sith Lord. Bo-Katan also refuses the Darksaber, admitting that she failed as the leader of Mandalore.

The sister she is referencing is Obi-Wan’s former love interest Duchess Satine, who died ruthlessly at the hands of Maul in The Clone Wars. The Duchess was a wise and peaceful leader, which was an impossible task for a culture rich in conflict and war.

Sabine’s people seem to be taking heavy losses to the Empire, so she is seeking out someone to lead them. I believe that this is a misdirection and that Katan will eventually decide to lead the Mando people at the end of the season’s first half.

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 StarWars.com released the first six episode titles, with their air dates:

  • Episodes 1-2: “Heroes of Mandalore: Parts 1-2” (October 16, 2017)
  • Episodes 3-4: “In the Name of the Rebellion: Parts 1 -2” (October 23, 2017)
  • Episode 5: “The Occupation” (October 30, 2017)
  • Episode 6: “Flight of the Defender” (October 30, 2017)

We were also given a brief recap of seasons 1-3, so if you need a quick refresher, check it out:

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Star Wars Rebels season four premieres October 16, on Disney XD. If you want to catch up on all the action before it drops this Monday, we have you covered on how to go about doing so.

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