You can now watch Star Wars Rebels seasons 1-3 for free!


Get caught up, or relive Star Wars Rebels Seasons 1-3 for free, thanks to Disney and Lucasfilm…

All paths come together when Star Wars Rebels Season 4 returns to Disney XD on October 15, leading directly into the events of Rogue One and A New Hope. Disney dropped a full trailer for the first part of season 4, which once again delivers the ultimate feels. Check it out:

Read our screencap breakdown, which reveals Easter eggs, connecting moments, and more. 

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Now the moment you all have been waiting for. Disney/Lucasfilm provided Star Wars fans with an early Halloween  treat — this is no trick — confirmed by Lucasfilm team-member Tracy Cannobbio on Twitter:

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Typically Star Wars Rebels episodes are only available to those who have a cable or dish provider that includes Disney XD, which rings true also when downloading the same App.

In a kind gesture to fans that are behind or just want relive the moments again, the app will now include Rebels for free leading up to the Season 4 premiere. Here’s a list of what episodes are available:

  • Full Season 1
  • Full Season 2
  • A variety of Season 3, which will change day to day.

The App has been renamed Disney Now but is still the same Disney XD app we all are accustomed to. What a cool gesture from Lucasfilm, and a welcome one.

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Download the Disney Now App here to get your Star Wars Rebels fix before Season 4 kicks off October 15 on Disney XD. Ready or not, here it comes!