(Video) Star Wars Rebels preview: “How You Choose To Fight”


The latest Star Wars Rebels episode “How You Choose To Fight” gets heated between Saw Gerrera and Mon Mothma…

The first two episodes of Star Wars Rebels took us to Mandalore, where Sabine dealt with the demons of her past, destroying the weapon of mass destruction that she created. Things continue to heat up, this time shifting gears to Yavin IV, where there is inner turmoil boiling between Rebel Alliance leaders Mon Mothma and Saw Gerrera.

The clip begins with Kanan and Ezra discussing how they should choose to fight, with Ezra saying “maybe we’re choosing the wrong way.” This strongly hints that Ezra will choose to help Saw, which we also saw in the Rebels season four trailer. This choice could lead Ezra down a darker path once again, with Saw and his partisans are known for doing whatever it takes to take down the Empire, even killing innocents in the process.

Shifting gears to Saw, who appears via hologram, where he then calls out Mon Mothma and the other leaders for not taking proper action against their enemies.

"Saw: If you continue to allow this war to be fought on the Empire’s terms, not yours, you are going to lose.Mothma: I will not be lectured on Military strategy by a man has proven himself a criminal.Saw: The Empire considers both of us criminals, at least I act like one.Mothma: You target civilians, kill those who surrender, break every rule of engagement. If we degrade ourselves to the Empire’s level, what will we become?"

Saw then mocks Mothma’s spirit and passion, saying that she basically needs to lead her people by example with that very fire. Wow. Just wow. The talents of Forest Whitaker are on full display here, adding, even more, depth for the Clone Wars veteran, who has suffered much loss over the years. I wish Rogue One would have utilized Saw more, but I’m glad that he is popping up in canon material to make up for that loss. This is most definitely what Rogue One references in terms of Saw and the Alliance’s broken relationship, which you can see deteriorating right before our very eyes.

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Star Wars: Rebels continues this Sunday, with another two-part episode: In the Name of the Rebellion, where we will travel to Yavin IV, jumping right in the middle of this very conflict between Saw Gerrera and Mon Mothma, which could also have Dark (Side) consequences for Ezra as well.

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