Captain Phasma Issue #4: A Captain without conscience


A look into the last Issue of Marvel Star Wars Captain Phasma mini-series…

In the wrap up to the four-part mini-series, the legend of Captain Phasma grows. A character in the mold of other mysterious villains like Boba Fett, we now have some insight into what motivates the First Order’s chrome clad Captain.

After having leading the Lupr’or colonist into a battle against the planets indigenous species, Captain Phasma is finally able to track down Rivas. One of the final loose ends Phasma has to take care of is found as a captive. Despite knowing what Phasma has done Rivas is relieved to see her, who hopes of his own survival only to quickly realize that Phasma is no savior, forcing Rivas to confess what he knows Captain Phasma ends him.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Captain Phasma’s actions take TN-3465 (the TIE pilot assisting her) by surprise. She was not meant to see Rivas’ confession or execution. She knows as a witness her life is now in danger. TN-3465 feigns ignorance when confronted by Phasma in order survive, but the good Captain hasn’t gotten this far by being naive.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire…

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

TN-3465 questions Phasma regarding the well-being of the Lupr’or colonist. Captain Phasma answers her with the only knowledge she’s acquired in her life if they can’t win the battle they shouldn’t survive. After her line of questioning, TN-3465 has once again put herself into Phasma’s crosshairs. She becomes another loose end for Phasma to eliminate.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Phasma wastes no time in eliminating both the pilot’s BB-K8 unit and the pilot herself, not letting any connection with another person get in the way of her survival.  It’s not just her life that was at stake but her position within the First Order. Her ultimate goal is survival and her high-ranking position within the First Order is her greatest asset in ensuring she survives.


The issue wraps up with Captain Phasma rejoining the First Order, where she files a false report of the events she’d been involved with. It is on the Star Destroyer the Finalizer that she’s finally reunited with General Hux, who questions Phasma’s whereabouts but is not surprised by her return. Hux is keenly aware of Phasma’s skills as a survivalist, however, he does mistake those abilities as her devotion to the First Order. It’s become abundantly clear that Phasma’s devotion is only to herself.

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The series does a good job of filling in the blanks for Captain Phasma and her Journey to The Last Jedi. Along with the Phasma novel the mini-series help provide insights into what motivates the chromed Captain of the First Order. With The Last Jedi expanding her screen time, we can look forward to finding out where Captain Phasma will fall in the lexicon of Star Wars.