Read an excerpt from Star Wars: The Legends of Luke Skywalker


The highly anticipated Star Wars novel, Legends of Luke Skywalker, hits stores October 31st, but you can read an excerpt of the book now.

You can’t mention Star Wars without thinking of Luke Skywalker, who has been the staple of what it means to be a hero in a galaxy far, far away for over 40 years now. When we meet our childhood hero during the end of The Force Awakens, we meet a dejected man who has lost his hero “swagger’,  which the galaxy ultimately needs to return. The Lucasfilm story group has kept (most) of the events leading up to Luke’s Jedi destruction hush-hush, but we will get a dose of that in the upcoming novel Legends of Luke Skywalker, where you get an early taste thanks to our friends at Entertainment Weekly, with an excerpt from the novel.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

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The reason that he lives is that of the heroics of Luke Skywalker, at least that’s how the legend goes. This novel’s style will be from the point of view of those who “supposedly” encounter the famous Jedi over the years. I anticipate that we won’t get many spoilers for the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but will be reminded of the heroics of the famed Skywalker, which he apparently has forgotten due to the tragedy in his life, which has spread across the galaxy in his absence.

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I am eager to see if Luke will deal with the demons of his past in The Last Jedi, in order to return as the hero we grew accustomed to growing up. The galaxy needs you Luke Skywalker!

You can pre-order the novel here.