Let’s have a closer look at the new The Last Jedi BTS video


An all-new behind the scenes video of Star Wars: The Last Jedi reveals new looks at the heroes and villains…

On Tuesday, USA Today released a behind the scenes video from December 15’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. In it, some surprisingly spoiler-y revelations were made clear, so turn back now before we jump into hyperdrive.

The first neat photo to catch our eye was one of the space-horse from Canto Bight called a Fathier. Of course, we’ve seen several shots of this beauty before, but it will serve as a buffer photo for the following spoilers.

Obviously, the cover photo shows Luke inside the mysterious Force Tree on Ahch-To, with what we can only speculate is ancient Force user writings.

Next, we have a closeup of one of Supreme Leader Snoke’s Praetorian Gaurd, with his helmet removed. I wouldn’t expect them to remove those helmets in the film.

Here’s one of Rey practicing in what appears to be the rain of Ahch-To.

Perhaps the biggest spoiler from the entire BTS reveal was Benicio Del Toro’s character DJ, accompanying Finn and Rose, in disguise, as they infiltrate the First Order.

What makes this photo especially surprising, is the fact that, until now, we’ve had virtually zero knowledge of who or what DJ would be in The Last Jedi. Sure, we assumed he’d be a hacker (slicer) in the film, but to have him actually go undercover as a spy for the Resistance, is another thing entirely.

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Will DJ betray Finn and Rose to Supreme Leader Snoke? We’ll have to wait until December 15 to find out.

H/T StarWarsLeaks