Will Luke pilot the Millennium Falcon in The Last Jedi?


The Last Jedi: Guess who’s back? Back again. Luke Skywalker’s back. Tell a friend.

The Last Jedi. Luke Skywalker. The Falcon. December 15. Mark the date on your calendar, which is when we will get to see all three of these things back together again.

After the newest trailer for the movie was released, we got a quick glimpse of Luke in the Falcon. A pairing we haven’t seen in over 30 years. Now with Han dead, the question is: who will pilot the Falcon now? We only have so many choices of who could sit alongside Chewbacca and fly one of the most known starfighters in the galaxy.

For me, I don’t think anyone will join Chewie just yet. Rey is off training with Luke, and unless a whole new character’s added, then we don’t have much to choose from here.

The Falcon traditionally has two pilots: a pilot and co-pilot. So, whether Chewy gets a new partner like he had with Han or maybe that cute little fuzz ball of a Porg becomes his sidekick, he will require some assistance.

Now out of all the possibilities out there, I am leaning toward the Porg, since we got an adorable shot of it in the cockpit with Chewy. Being small like that could also allow it to maneuver around quicker, but the lack of hands could prove to be difficult when it comes to helping Chewy.

Who do you think is going to be at Chewbacca’s side? “Plagueis” the Porg? Rey? Maybe even Luke?

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