The Last Jedi trailer: What is Snoke doing to Rey?


Star Wars: The Last Jedi brought us the goods when it dropped this past Monday, also leaving us with some questions. What in the Force is Supreme Leader Snoke doing to Rey at the tail-end?

As we continue to ride on the hype train that The Last Jedi trailer has brought us, people are wanting answers, not more questions. Unfortunately, I am here to ask another question, regarding the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke. What was he doing in the trailer? Here are a couple different options that are plausible.

First, the trailer shows what looks to be Snoke torturing Rey but as we all know, sometimes trailers aren’t what they seem to be. He could be inflicting pain on her for the purpose of gaining information on the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker or maybe like some fans have said, this is after her turn to the Dark and he is testing Rey to determine her abilities as a Force user.

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Another one could be that we will get the pleasure of seeing first hand some Dark Side training — remember that Snoke and Kylo are not Sith — and this is Snoke taking his anger out on Kylo for not being able to defeat Rey in battle. Just like the Emperor did to Vader in the Original Trilogy. Or it could just be Snoke beating up Kylo in some twisted, Dark Side training way, then turning his sites on Rey, or better yet, has Kylo use the Force on Rey to test his loyalty.

This also brings up the idea that maybe Snoke has assembled The Knights of Ren and is sending them out as a test for Kylo, along with all the other Knights. Snoke could’ve threatened Kylo that he could easily be replaced if continues to fail Snoke, by another Knight or even Rey herself. The possibilities are endless.

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