Star Wars: College Football, NFL both strong with the Force


Football, both the NFL and at the college level, are having a little Star Wars fun, displaying their strong Force abilities.

Star Wars and the sports world have always had a cohesive relationship, working together in ruling the entertainment galaxy. The NFL and College football have displayed their strong connection to the Force, having a bit of fun in the process.

Check out the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band embracing their inner John Williams with some style. You can watch the full video here. 

Here we get a rendition of the Throne Room song played at the end of A New Hope during the victory ceremony on Yavin IV. Stanford seems to be embracing the Light Side of the Force with their plethora of blue lightsaber blades.

Not to be outdone by the college ranks, the NFL takes the Force to the next level, in this epic celebration by Buffalo Bills wide receiver Zay Jones, after scoring his first career touchdown in Thursday night’s game in New York.

Unlike the Stanford ensemble, Jones embraces his inner Dark Side, displaying his skills with a Sith blade and the infamous Vader choke hold. Darth Sidious would no doubt be pleased with these dark efforts.

The most original Star Wars moment in sports was the Cincinnati Bengals unique offensive configuration called merely: Star Wars. NFL analyst broke down the formation, showing it nods to a galaxy far, far away.

Unfortunately for the Bengals, the Force is not strong in their family, who are still looking for an NFL Super Bowl championship. Maybe there is a young Jedi in waiting who will take them to the promised land?

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Are there any Star Wars sports moments that have strong connections with the Force that you’ve seen? If so, share on our variety of social media sites and in the comments below.