The Last Jedi: Image of Luke igniting a lightsaber surfaces


A pint glass image of Luke wielding a lightsaber from The Last Jedi surfaces from Alamo Drafthouse.

With The Last Jedi dropping in less than 50 days, the anticipation for the film is at an all-time high. One question that is yet to be answered is, will we see Luke Skywalker in action with a lightsaber in Episode VIII?

If so, will it be the blue lightsaber that was passed down to him constructed by his father, Anakin? Or will we see that epic green blade ignite, initially used in Return of the Jedi?

We may have an answer to one of those questions, with an image from upcoming pint glasses releasing with The Last Jedi as a promotion for Alamo Drafthouse (theaters).

"Alamo Drafthouse Pint Glass Reveals a HUGE SPOILER about Luke from StarWarsLeaks"

As you can see from the image, the lightsaber ignited by Luke is none other than the Skywalker family weapon, which is blue. In the background of glass, you can see the pebbles airborne, which in the trailer are due to Rey’s strong Force abilities.

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These collectibles are quite telling, especially with the rumor of a fight between Luke and Rey against the Knights of Ren all but confirmed. Will Luke give his first lightsaber to Rey, then ignite the green blade of his own?

Or even better, has Luke transcended so much that he doesn’t need to use a weapon? All of the trailers could be a misdirect, with Luke being more powerful than the previews let on.

Either way, this reveal is exciting, and just the thought of seeing Luke in combat with any lightsaber gets my geek heart beating at a rapid rate.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters worldwide on December 15, where we hope to see Luke ignite that classic green (or blue) blade.