Disney has announced a live-action Star Wars TV series!


If you have always hoped for a live-action Star Wars television series then we’ve got some fantastic news for you…

During Disney’s quarterly earnings call, CEO Bob Iger announced that there will be a live-action Star Wars series and it will premiere in 2019 on Disney’s new streaming service, according to Heroic Hollywood. This comes as a surprise, but a welcome one to be sure, to Star Wars fans who have been clamoring for a live-action Star Wars television series since Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2015.

Obviously, we don’t know what period in the Star Wars timeline Disney/Lucasfilm will choose as its backdrop for the series, but we have some thoughts on what we’d like to see. And, if Disney’s streaming service is anything like Netflix, the live-action Star Wars series could be released as an entire season and immediately binge-watched.

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The question now becomes: What timeline does Disney go with? The obvious fan choice would be the era of Knights of the Old Republic, a time when literally tens of thousands of Jedi and Sith roamed the galaxy in a constant war.

Heroes like Revan, a man who was a Jedi, turned Sith by the Sith Emperor, then was redeemed and became a Jedi once again would make for an outstanding story. The stories from this timeline are so numerous, a live-action Star Wars show would have a plethora of topics to cover.

For now, we wait, impatiently, on Disney to announce who will be the showrunners and what timeline will be featured, but regardless of whether it is The Old Republic or not, we should all be very excited that our wishes have finally come true.

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What timeline would you like to see in the Star Wars live-action television series? Let’s discuss in the comments below or on our social media.