Darth Vader Issue 8: Learn to Control your Impulses

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Impulse Control is a flaw of the Jedi.

However, impulse Control seems to be a flaw all Jedi have in common. We see it overtake Anakin Skywalker, his son Luke, and now we see it overtake  Jocasta Nu. She tries to ignore the Grand Inquisitor in the Jedi Library, but his carelessness with the materials forces her into action.

Although she’s only doing what any devoted librarian would do, she’s carelessly jeopardizing her mission.

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The issue ends with Jocasta Nu confronting the Grand Inquisitor.  We’ll find out in the upcoming issue whether or not this was a grave mistake.

There is no doubt that Vader is close at her heels as well after the discovery of her Jedi Starfighter. The new school for Jedi she created in the last issue may never see a new student.

What we think of Issue # 8.

This is another great issue in this new run for Darth Vader. We get a cornucopia of ideas to feast on in this issue.  We see Emperor Palpatine continue to impart his wisdom on Lord Vader.

We’re also seeing Vader slowly turning into the menacing Villain we’re introduced to in Star Wars: A New Hope.

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The issue also provides some insight into Vader psyche.  He’s not just very angry due to everything he’s been through, but he also acts impulsively.

His Impulsive actions are due to his training as a Jedi, or at least it seems that’s the narrative we’re given.

Emperor Palpatine is successful in taking over the Galaxy because everything he does is calculated.

Jocasta Nu confronting the Grand Inquisitor is just another example of the impulsive nature of the Jedi.

Not only does the former Jedi Librarian put herself in danger, she puts her mission of restarting the Jedi Order in danger.

Next: Is Vader really a terrible villain?

Although the Jedi do not let emotions rule them, Nu’s love for the Jedi Library pushes her into action.  We’ve seen this before in Star Wars lore, as both Anakin and Luke let love affect the important decision in their stories.