Entertainment Weekly reveals more covers for The Last Jedi


The Last Jedi. The four faces of The Last Jedi in Entertainment Weekly’s exclusive for the film.

With December 15th less than a month away, articles surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi are becoming more and more frequent.

With theories, ideas, and concepts being thrown around like crazy, some are just hoping that one will stick. I prefer to stay on the side which utilizes logic.

Entertainment Weekly and Anthony Breznican are back at again, releasing four different magazine covers that have The Last Jedi donned all over them. Four different ones to be exact.

Rey and Kylo. Luke and Leia. Finn and Rose. Poe Dameron and Amilyn Holdo. These four pairings are going to make up a majority of this upcoming movie. Yes, Rey and Luke together will also play a huge role but that’s obvious, with these covers revealing the pairing of both “good” and “evil” working together.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm and Entertainment Weekly

The pairing of Rey and Kylo Ren is more of a philosophical combo than a physical one. Is Rey turning to the Dark Side? Is there a possibility of Luke losing another Padawan to the Dark Side and its ideals? That’s the philosophical question for this combo.

Luke and Leia. This is more of an emotional pairing. With the death of Carrie Fisher, this begs the question: is this the last time Luke and Leia have the chance to see each other?

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm and Entertainment Weekly

The last time on the big screen with the Skywalker twins, they were fighting evil and seemingly restored peace and justice to the galaxy. However, evil struck back again within the Skywalker line — we are looking at you Ben Solo — with the galaxy once again in Dark despair.

With Luke not wanting any part of the fight anymore, will he return to his sister’s side? Will we see that epic reunion of Luke and Leia on screen? That’s the emotional question for this pairing.

Finn and Rose. This is more of an opportunistic pairing.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm and Entertainment Weekly

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With Finn trying to bail on the Resistance and head to the Outer Rim in The Force Awakens to escape the First Order, it begs the questions: Will Finn give his all in the fight against the First Order or back out once again?

Also, this is a chance for Rose, a new character to us, to either prove herself ready for the big time, proving to Leia that she belongs out there fighting the good fight.

Finally, Poe Dameron and Amilyn Holdo. According to the Entertainment Weekly cover with these two, it sounds like the two characters are both close to General Organa but could seemingly bump heads when it comes to certain ideals and potential plans.

Could Amilyn even be against the idea of the powerful Luke Skywalker returning to the mix?

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm and Entertainment Weekly

For me, this is more of a compromising pairing.

While the world is crumbling around the Resistance and every decision is life or death, will Poe and Amilyn find a way to work together in these instances or continue to risk everything by fighting internally and staying prideful?

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What do you think of these Entertainment Weekly The Last Jedi covers? Which one(s) are you going to make a fine addition to your collection?

You can buy them here, which officially drops in stores this Friday. 

We are just getting started, with Entertainment Weekly keeping goods for The Last Jedi coming all week long.