Star Wars Battlefront II: Dork Side full review

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Overall Impression

If you’re a major Star Wars fan like all of us at Dork Side of the Force, there’s plenty to love in Battlefront II.

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The game is gorgeous and allows you to immerse yourself in this Universe, in the front lines of the battle.

The all the new playable heroes and ships make the experience all the more interesting.

If you’re a major gamer this game is still going to fall flat for you in a lot of areas.

The Campaign mode isn’t long enough, the progression system is terrible, and the Crate system is absolutely frustrating.

You’ll still have plenty of fun with the multiplayer which is still the games biggest strength.  Let’s not forget that there’s also plenty of DLC coming down the road.

WIll the DLC deliver or leave some us wanting more, like much of Battlefront II and it’s predecessor?

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Overall I give the game an okay 7 out of 10.  I give it such a high score because I’m a sucker for everything Star Wars.  Although this game does have its flaws, it still allows me to play in my favorite fictional universe.