Thrawn: Alliances – A sneak peak at the cover


The Cover Art for Thrawn: Alliances is on point.

Courtesy of Del Ray publishing and the Star Wars Show, we’ve gotten a glimpse of the cover for the new Timothy Zahn Thrawn novel. The cover for this new canon Thrawn novel is sure to raise some eyebrows and has fans of Thrawn wondering where this will lead the character.

As a huge fan of the original Thrawn trilogy from Timothy Zahn, the new cover art raises plenty of questions. The first question is will some of the background information from the Original trilogy now become official canon?

It’s been more than apparent that Lucasfilm is taking a more hands-on approach with their authors. Zahn is one of the few legacy writers to make the new canon cut.  Will he be able to reintroduce some of his ideas into canon?

From Legacy to new canon?

Zahn has already made minor references to his Legacy works in the first new canon Thrawn novel; it’s reasonable to think he may inject some more in the follow-up. Of the things, I’d love to see reintroduced are the Noghri into the new novel.

Now, Rukh- Thrawn’s Noghri bodyguard — reemerged in Rebels, making him canon once again. 

Originally introduced in Zahn’s Heir to the Empire the Noghri are a primitive race of skilled warrior who pledges allegiance to Darth Vader in exchange for the repair of their decimated planet. Command of the Noghri would be transferred to Thrawn by Vader.

Now I certainly don’t expect this storyline to be completely revived it would be nice if the Noghri could be brought back into canon.  It would be a great call back to the Thrawn trilogy, and the Noghri as a whole would be an interesting addition to the new canon.

Thrawn having control of a secret army of warriors and assassins to do husband bidding would certainly help him to eliminate his rivals, both political and military.

Noghri; Ultimate Alien Anthology

More Players

Another major player that I want to see reintroduced is Talon Karrde. One of the galaxies best smugglers and information brokers could be a possible foil of Thrawn’s. He could also be an asset as well.  We’ve seen in both canon films and reading materials; the Empire is not afraid to use any resource. Talon Karrde could be such an asset for both Thrawn and Vader in this new novel.

Talon Karrde: The New Essential Chronology; John Van Fleet

The Emperor’s Hand?

Lastly, Another major idea that I’d like to see brought back is that of a secret apprentice to be Emperor. In Heir to Empire Zahn introduce Mara Jade as the Emperor’s hand. A secret apprentice and assassin at the command of the Emperor.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm Star Wars: The Card Game – Lure of the Dark Side: Cristi Balanescu

Someone to do some of the dirty work he couldn’t do, and would not trust Vader with it. Also, someone to keep an eye on Vader who at this point to Emperor should begin to distrust. We don’t necessarily need Mara Jade back, but someone with more skills than an Inquisitor to report on Vader to the Emperor.

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Thrawn: Alliances hits stores June 26, 2018. Pre-order the novel here.