Her Universe: Ashley Eckstein’s Athleisure line motivates you to work out


Her Universe, Ashley Eckstein’s new Athleisure line at Kohl’s will make you want to work out, Star Wars style.

Let’s be honest, friends! Finding the motivation to work out can be rough. Unless you’re lucky enough to have the kind of disposable income (or maybe just supernatural budgeting power) that allows you to hire a personal trainer to help you get you strong and healthy, it falls to each of us individually to dig deep and find the motivation to get out there and get our endorphins on. Her Universe has us covered and then some!

Some good news for those of us who are having to dig deep! Her Universe, Ashley Eckstein, has come out with a brand-new line of Star Wars themed athleisure that is being sold at Kohls. Working out just got a little more awesome!

I’ll go for a run if it means I get to rock Ashley’s Her Universe Millennium Falcon camo running pants and three quarter length grey shirt that says, “Going for a Kessel Run” on the front. And, if you are remiss to abandon your outside runs despite the increasingly chilly weather, you can purchase the matching Millennium Falcon camo windbreaker with the rebel insignia embossed on the front in metallic silver.

If you’re a fan of both yoga and Yoda, you should definitely invest in the oh-so-comfy looking olive green hoodie with the words “Master Yoga You Must” stamped across the chest in bold black lettering. Channel your inner Yoda while you master the downward dog or, my personal favorite yoga pose, the Corpse Pose.

Also among the ranks of this new collection, are some “high shine” leggings. To go along with these edgy running pants, there is an accompanying jacket that’ll have you looking super sleek at the gym.

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One of my favorite workout shirts is a tribute to the late and great Carrie Fisher. A white, short sleeved, V-neck shirt displays a silhouette of Princess Leia from A New Hope, holding her blaster and it says, “This Princess Saves Herself.” I mean, does it get any more awesome than that?

I know I’d feel pretty unstoppable in that shirt!

So many of the items in this collection are also just fantastic for lounging.

The light pink “May the Force Be with You” sweatshirt would be the perfect pairing with some sweatpants, a book, and a cup of tea.

Having fun workout gear makes me invincible at the gym so I know I plan on collecting all of these incredible Her Universe pieces.

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All of these aforementioned items and many more fabulous things, are available at Kohl’s now! You’d better go snatch them up before they’re gone! May the Force be with you as you don your Star Wars gear and get your workout on!