Everything you need to prepare for The Last Jedi

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Star Wars Battlefront II (video game) 

Era: Begins at the conclusion of the Battle of Endor. Ends, just a few years before The Force Awakens. 

Rey’s parents and lineage have been quite the mystery going forward. The odds of a video game revealing the parents of the most popular character in Star Wars today sounds absurd, but hear us out.

If you have not watched the scenes from Star Wars Battlefront II, the canon story mode, we’ve got you covered.

Watch the entire Battlefront II canon story here. 

We’ve already gone into great detail on Rey’s connection to the duo.

See how they may be Rey’s parents for yourself, with our full breakdown. 

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

Picking up where Shattered Empire left off, Luke continues on his quest in collecting Jedi lore, with intentions of passing on what he has learned.

He crosses paths with Del in the process, leaving a lasting impression on the Imperial soldier. In fact, Del finds faith in the Force, later defecting from the Empire, convincing Iden in doing the same.

Back to Luke. He finds a Force connected compass that the Emperor had acquired, with its function being a total mystery.

We also see Han Solo and Maz at her castle, which was a nice touch of how deep their relationship indeed was.

Kylo Ren makes an appearance, in search of the map to Skywalker, where he reads Del’s mind in his efforts.

I believe this interaction has a lasting impact on Kylo, one connected to a specific heroine from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. 

Battlefront II delivered on binding the galaxy together in preparation for the new film, more than we hoped.