(Video) Watch entire Battlefront II canon story


Full Spoilers. The entire campaign story mode has surfaced for Battlefront II, giving us a bit of Luke, Han Solo, and even Kylo Ren…

The closer we get to the Battlefront II release, the harder it is for spoilers not to surface, with many people having early access to the game.

The floodgates have flung wide open, with the entire Battlefront II canon Star Wars story surfacing. You may want to grab a popcorn, soda, and a few other snacks, with the length of the “movie” being over four hours long.

If you want to go into Battlefront II spoiler free, leave now. Here’s even a link to our favorite The Last Jedi trailer reactions if you want to stay away from these juicy details.

If you can’t resist the advances of the “Dark Side”, here is the full video of events from Return of the Jedi, all the way up to the beginning of The Force Awakens. Here’s your final warning, major spoilers ahead.

For those who want to bypass all the details of each mission, here are all of the video cutscenes, which “cut” to the chase. It’s not nearly as long, clocking in, in just under two hours.

If you don’t want to know the details, we will spare you of them until our full review, but wow. You will not be disappointed. Battlefront II story mode binds the Star Wars galaxy together.

Battlefront II is more than just a first-player adventure, bringing many features to the table.

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8 different worlds to explore, over every galactic time period.

Each hero has unique abilities for you to customize and master.



  • Fast-paced, close quarters combat.Strike
  • Strategic, objective-based battles.
  • Heroes vs Villains

Starfighter Assault

  • Intense dogfights across high atmosphere and space.

Galactic Assault 

  • Epic 20 vs. 20 all-out warfare.

Arcade Mode

  • Split-screen co-op
  • Solo-mode

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Star Wars Battlefront II  hits stores in just three days, Thursday, November 17. Are you ready for an action-packed, all-out Star Wars experience? So are we!

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