Darth Vader’s lightsaber in The Last Jedi and more teasers released


Wait a sec, did we just see Darth Vader’s lightsaber in a behind the scenes video for The Last Jedi? Let’s dig in and find out…

We are less than a week away from the worldwide premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and the teasers/TV spots just keep pouring in at a record pace. If you’re worried about Disney/Lucasfilm spoiling major plot points from the film, by releasing footage, then don’t worry, the Mouse is an expert at misdirection, as was evidenced by The Force Awakens and Rogue One’s marketing promos.

In that regard, Lucasfilm just released an all-new behind the scenes video of the designers brought on to help with designing the shoes from The Last Jedi. Now, while that sounds like an odd thing to do, remember, this film will visit a casino city of Canto Bight where the galaxy’s rich and famous spend their credits and days betting on space horses (Fathiers) and I’m sure more than a game or two of Sabacc.

Check out the video, and pay close attention to a certain Sith Lord’s lightsaber on the design table next to some sketches.

Did you see it? Yes, that is none other than the infamous lightsaber wielded by Darth Vader himself. Now, who could it have survived the destruction of the Death Star II? Well, in the Star Wars Battlefront single-player mode, the Death Star explodes in chunks, meaning that lightsaber absolutely could have survived a fall to the surface of the moon of Endor.

Now, we’ve seen Kylo Ren’s obsession with Darth Vader (his grandfather), and apparently, it’s an obsession fueled by Supreme Leader Snoke. Kylo Ren has Vader’s mask sitting in a box consisting of the ashes of his defeated enemies, so, it would make sense for him or Snoke to have found Vader’s lightsaber.

Or, Luke could have recovered it, himself. In The Last Jedi, Luke wears a necklace with the Kyber crystal of a Sith lightsaber. Could it be from Vader’s? I guess we’ll have to wait until December 15, to find out.

Moving on, in that BTS video, we got a shot of Admiral Holdo (Laura Dern), Captain Phasma (Gwendoline Christie), and Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran). Check it out:

Finally, we have the 24th TV spot for The Last Jedi (yes, I know, that’s a lot!). Here’s that:

Yep, Rey Force-pulled Kylo Ren’s lightsaber to her, and Snoke’s Praetorian Guards reacted by igniting their weapons toward her. The real question is this: Where’s Kylo Ren in all of this and what happened to him? Did he tell her to take his saber?

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We’ll get the answer to that, and much more, when Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.