“Hey watch the language!” Check out these The Last Jedi teasers


Chewbacca celebrates with multiple porgs, Finn wants to know where Rey is, and Luke gets onto R2-D2 for his foul language in these all-new The Last Jedi teasers…

We are six days away from the worldwide premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi on December 15, and Lucasfilm just keeps churning out teasers. That’s okay by us, though, because, as you may well know, Disney/Lucasfilm has a history of not giving away spoilers in the many teasers that air before one of its films airs.

In that vein, our first of three teasers sees everyone’s favorite walking carpet, Chewbacca, solo flying the Mellinium Falcon…well, not solo, really, he’s got a bunch of porgs with him and they all want to celebrate. Check it out.

Not mentioning the fact that we have an actual line from Rose Tico in this teaser (Kelly Marie Tran), the real spotlight, once again, belongs to those goddamned adorable porgs. This time, we get a full shot of Chewbacca celebrating with his new best friends. And yes, one appears to be wearing some sort of sunglasses, while another is pulling the stuffing out of the co-pilot’s seat. My God, I love me some porgs.

Moving on, Finn is shown waking up from his injuries and his immediate thoughts are on Rey. Here’s that:

Rey is all Finn can think about because he’s secretly got a crush on her. We kid, because Rose is going to totally steal his heart, and you all know it. Finally, Luke Skywalker has to chastise Artoo for dropping binary F-bombs. Enjoy:

Have you ever seen a Jedi threaten to wash a droids mouth out with soap? I, for one, have not, so this is a first for us all. Yay! The Last Jedi looks like it’s going to be barrels of fun!

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15.