Everything we love about Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Why we all love Star Wars, and The Last Jedi is no exception.

For a significant portion of Star Wars fans, the reason why we love the series is nostalgia. Watching the movies brings us back to when we were kids. The Last Jedi even gives us doses of these elements. I think we sometimes forget is that these films are in fact made for kids.

Star Wars has never been a Science Fiction movie. It has and always will be a Space Fantasy. It’s a galaxy where laser guns, laser swords, and wizards who can tap into the energy of the Universe, exist.

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The Original Trilogy tapped into the troupe of “the hero’s journey.”  The erstwhile farmboy reluctantly joins an adventure, only to find out he’s more than he ever thought he was.

It was a troupe that the Prequel Trilogy also followed, albeit turning it on its head with the hero turning into the villain.

The current trilogy of Star Wars movies does not entirely abandon this troupe. However, beginning with The Last Jedi, it’s apparent that they want to break away from it.

The beauty of The Last Jedi…

What makes The Last Jedi a good movie, and also one of the better installments in the series, is its unpredictability. Not only did we never expect the franchise to take this turn, but we even genuinely don’t know how this trilogy is going to end.

Maybe we’ve all forgotten as fans that The Empire Strikes Back threw us a huge curveball back in 1980.

We all consider it the best of the series, but it was also a film that left us wondering what’s next. The Last Jedi has thrown us that same kind of curveball, where we genuinely don’t know what’s next for the series.

What we do know for sure is that this trilogy is supposed to be a changing of the guard. We’re bidding our old heroes and villains adieu, why ushering in the next generation. And it’s happening in a way where our beloved characters can go on their terms.

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Han Solo sacrifices himself and dies tragically at the hands of his son. Luke distracts the First Order long enough so that the Resistance and the Jedi can live to fight another day.

Unfortunately, Carrie Fisher’s passing will it allow Leia to make her series exit as planned, but at least she has some good moments in The Last Jedi.

A story for a new generation…

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Lastly, what makes The Last Jedi great is the message in the movie. Where you come from, where you’re born, to whom your born does not determine your destiny.

Heroes are not mystically created, are not predetermined by bloodline, they’re built by the decision to fight for the greater good.

Much of the negative fan response I believe is due in large part to not getting the answers to questions we desired.

Although I love this movie, there’s certainly a small portion of me that was disappointed some things were not what I hoped they would be.

Still, the film should be lauded for the fresh and original approach it took.

To truly enjoy this movie for what it is and what it does for the franchise, we must as Kylo Ren states, “let the past die.”

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We can’t expect every Star Wars film to capture the same magic as the Original Trilogy because they’re made for a different audience.  They’re making their own magic, and we should all be glad to see it go forward.