Have we seen the last of Captain Phasma after The Last Jedi?


Have we seen the last of Captain Phasma after her fiery fall in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

In The Last Jedi, we saw Phasma and Finn have a duel for the ages.  Finn is triumphant in the battle, and as it ends we see the platform give way under Phasma.  Phasma then plummets an unknown depth and into fireballs rolling off an explosion.  Is it possible that Phasma has plummeted to her death?

The Answer is probably…

There’s an argument to be made that’s we have indeed seen the last of Captain Phasma.  Much like Boba Fett in the Original Trilogy, a lot was made of the character, due mostly to the cool armor she wore.  Although the character received much-needed depth in the Phasma Novel and comic miniseries, she isn’t essential to the storyline of the current trilogy.  It is very much possible that there are not any future plans for this Character.

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But you never know.

Still, there’s an argument that she survives her fall and returns in the next installment.  If there’s anything we’ve learned about Phasma, is that she is a survivor.  Both the Phasma novel and comic miniseries highlight this about her.  Not only is she a survivor, she will do anything possible to ensure her survival.

A reason there’s hope is that the film made sure to highlight that her Armor isn’t just Chromed Stormtrooper armor.  She obviously has specially made armor and we’re not entirely sure of its capabilities.  And, we’ve also had our share of villains and heroes who suffer grievous injuries who go on with cybernetic replacement parts.


If Phasma does return, I do expect a physically scarred and possibly cybernetically enhanced version of the character.  Now that Kylo Ren is the Supreme Leader, the First Order will need a new enforcer.

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I’m sure that Phasma would see that position as a promotion.  Then she can hunt down Finn and exact her revenge.