Minor spoilers surface for Star Wars Rebels final episodes


Details and minor spoilers surface for the final leg of Star Wars Rebels season 4 surface. Are you ready? Minor spoilers are ahead.

Star Wars Rebels is going full-throttle, as we approach the trench run of final episodes for the highly acclaimed series. We are literally on a collision course with the events of Rogue One and A New Hope, with the story arc now just weeks leading up to the catalyst of the Star Wars story itself.

Finally, we will receive answers to what we’ve been dying to find out about the Ghost crew — Will Ezra and Kanan meet their demise? Will we see Darth Vader again, with Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious also gracing us with his presence? Does Ahsoka, in fact, live?

Those answers will have wait for another time, but in a recent Podcast interview with ForceCast.net, Freddie Prinze Jr. (Kanan) reveals details on the second half of Star Wars Rebels season four — on what to expect for the conclusion of the show. If you want to go into the final stretch run of episodes 100 percent spoiler-free, here is your cue to exit stage left.

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What we learned about Star Wars Rebels season four:

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The “Force” is going down a strange and thrilling path. It’s very probably that Kanan and Ezra will dive deep into the mysteries of the Force

The Loth-Wolves are going to play a vital part in season four, providing a major “pay off'” in the process

  • The Last Jedi and Star Wars Rebels share extensive connections –Dave Filoni and Rian Johnson are close friends
  • Dave Filoni’s played a crucial role in recent Star Wars films and canon stories —  Rogue One and The Last Jedi especially
  • Filoni had substantial involvement with the development process with certain scenes in particular films

Wow, that is enough to get the Force flowing, isn’t it? Hearing that the Force is taking things to the next level is truly exciting. No doubt that Kanan and Ezra will venture into the depths of Yavin IV, discovering some Dark Side secrets along the way.

No wonder the recent Star Wars films and content have been creatively impressive. Dave Filoni is the ultimate Jedi Master, and knowing he’s heavily involved with the entire storyline is promising.

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A trailer for Star Wars Rebels is due to drop at any moment, with the final season concluding sometime in early 2018.