Star Wars: The Last Jedi Easter eggs you may have missed

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

A plan fails for our heroes in The Last Jedi

In what looks to be a ship landing, we then san clothing iron, ironing out some First Order attire. This is an obscure reference to the 1978 parody Hardware Wars. In this short “film” everyday appliances are used in place of spaceships.

D.J.  then betrays Rose and Finn, as Lando did with Han and Leia. But, doesn’t join them like later. Remember, “Don’t Join.” The two are captured by Phasma and her forces, with the plan failing miserably.

Speaking of Phasma, how did she escape the destruction of Starkiller Base? Se was, indeed thrown into a trash compactor by Han Solo and Finn, but finds her way out. The only reason she lowers those shields in the first place for her own survival. However, she frames another First Order leader and covers her tracks by killing him. Ruthless.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

When Finn and Phasma duel during their battle royale, it’s a monumental moment for Finn, who overcomes his fear of the First Order. After he defeats Phasma and before she falls to her death, she calls him scum.

Finn then corrects her, and says “Rebel scum.” That’s in response to the arresting officers who call Rose and Finn “Rebel scum” just moments before. On a deeper level, Finn now considers himself a pet of the Resistance;  becoming a true Rebel.

During that same scene, a Walker aids Finn and Rose, where you believe it might be D.J. pulling a Lando, changing his mind. But, The Last Jedi uses another familiar plot device, taking an unlikely turn int he process — as the next scene does brilliantly.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

The Millennium Falcon loses another dish — with Lando responsible for the destruction of the original in Return of the Jedi and Chewie with an anonymous Porg in The Last Jedi within the mines of Crait. Now that the shapes for the antenna have been circular and rectangular, is triangular next on the list?