Han Solo debates Hera whose ship is best in the galaxy


The fate of Hera Syndulla from Star Wars Rebels confirmed in a recent episode of Forces of Destiny, with a fun interaction with Han Solo on the forest moon of Endor.

Han Solo and his legacy live on, even after his death at the hands of his son. His connection to a character from Star Wars Rebels is quite interesting, to say the least.

Dave Filoni, the master of teasing Star Wars fans, usually is good at keeping fates of significant characters under wraps. Spoilers never slip out from his lips, while at the same time he will provide clues making it fun for us all in guessing fates of characters who hang in the balance.

Cough. Cough. Ahsoka Tano. We can thank the maker he wasn’t in charge of the Han Solo death spoiler from The Force Awakens ( we are joking Mr. Filoni!).

However, at Star Wars Celebration, Filoni “accidentally” let the fate of Hera Syndulla spill at the Heroines of Destiny panel in Orlando this past April.

Confirming his words in a recent Forces of Destiny episode, which takes place right after the events of Return of the Jedi. In such episode, we see the ace pilot interact with another of her kind, when she encounters Han Solo on the forest moon of Endor.

Their interaction is a surprise, and a welcome one for sure, where the two duke it out on whose ship is best, the Millennium Falcon or the Ghost.

In a comical exchange, Hera convinces Solo to admit that her Ghost is superior to his Millennium Falcon, even though I don’t believe for a second that he is convinced in those words he utters.

In fact, the only reason he even lets it roll off his tongue is so Hera will help him with celebratory food preparation supplies he desperately needs. Their conversation also reveals that the two have encountered one another before, which I I hope they dive into at some point. Now, back to the matter at hand.

Their exchange shifts the question to us, which is better? Is the Millennium Falcon better or will Hera convince us like she did with Han Solo that her ship is the best in the galaxy?

Let’s start with the Ghost. In numerous situations, the Ghost and it’s Rebels crew escapes the clutches of many Imperial vessels, including Star Destroyers. It’s also the home of two of the coolest cats in the galaxy, Kanan, and Ezra. Also, Hera’s amazing piloting skills show that this ship can hang with any ship in known, or Unknown space. Well, almost any ship.

Also, Hera’s amazing piloting skills show that this ship can hang with any ship in known, or Unknown space. Well, almost any ship. Now we move on to the Falcon.

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We know it made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs, which we will learn more about in the upcoming Solo film. It was also able to outrun Imperial Star Destroyers on numerous occasions.

Of course, during the Battle of Endor, the Millennium Falcon was responsible for the destruction of Death Star II. The case for the Falcon will definitely improve the already solid argument in the Solo film, but it quite honestly does not need any more support.

And the winner is… Millennium Falcon. In a landslide. The Ghost is an elite, ship, but come on. Nothing beats the Millenium Falcon. Nothing. Who do you have?

The iconic Millennium Falcon or the newly acquainted Ghost? I suppose we can throw the question out there on who is the better pilot, Han Solo or Hera Syndulla? That is a good question for another time.

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