Star Wars: The Last Jedi Easter eggs you may have missed

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

A broken Jedi Master

The moment we all were waiting for following the epic ending of The Force Awakens. Rey finally tracks down Luke Skywalker. Like all of us Star Wars fans, Rey is anticipating the heroic and legendary Luke Skywalker. Instead, she meets a broken and “get off my lawn” version of the Jedi Master.

In a sense, Luke has turned into his adoptive father, Uncle Owen. Grumpy, rough, and committed to a life of agriculture. Luke grew up as a farmer, skills which suite him well during his exile on Ahc-To.

When Rey hands Luke his father’s lightsaber, you can see a wound on his metallic hand — which he received on Jabba’s Sail Barge. Luke tosses the lightsaber off the cliff, another element of the theme “let the past die.”

All Luke wants to do, is be left alone and die. He has no purpose. No more optimism. He’s given up, due to the tragic events of his Jedi Temple destruction.

Luke has no intent on ever leaving the island, where you see his T-65 X-wing sunk in the waters on the Ahch-To shore. He also uses one of his S-foils as the door for his home. Master Yoda did the same thing, using remnants of his escape pod as the door for his hut on Dagobah.