Star Wars: The Last Jedi novelization will include Han Solo’s funeral


The novelization for Star Wars: The Last Jedi will include deleted canon scenes, featuring Han Solo’s funeral.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi reigns supreme as the most extended Star Wars film to date, clocking in at an impressive two hours and thirty-five minutes. Come to find out; many scenes hit the cutting room floor, one’s writer/director Rian Johnson wanted to include in the film

Thank the Maker we have The Last Jedi novelization dropping in less than two months, providing Star Wars fans with more content within a galaxy far, far away. Rian Johnson and the author of The Last Jedi book, Jason Frye teamed up, with pages and pages of goodies coming our way in March.

Thanks to the Star Wars Show, we now have more details from the novelization, with one addition that will blow your minds.

Additional story arcs we will delve more in-depth within the written version of The Last Jedi include:

  • A funeral for Han Solo
  • Rose and Paige
  • More details on Luke and Rey’s interaction
  • A more prolonged visit to Canto Bight

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You had us at Han Solo, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Frye. What a way to begin the novelization by paying tribute and respect to the coolest man to ever grace the Star Wars universe. It’s also a perfect transition into the May release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, with Han Solo’s presence peppered throughout the entirety of The Last Jedi — most prominently with his pair of lucky dice. The same good-luck charm that helped he win the Millenium Falcon in a heated game of Sabaac from Lando Calrissian.

It’s also possible we will learn more about the history of the Jedi Order, and a deeper look into the dark and broken mind of Luke Skywalker. And who knows, maybe they will drop the true identity of Supreme Leader Snoke — we’re still holding out hope he’s Darth Plaguies, Revan, or even one of the original Force users in the galaxy.

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Pre-order the novelization for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which hits bookshelves March 6, 2018, worldwide. The Last Jedi is currently playing in theatres, worldwide.