Did The Last Jedi get enough recognition from the Academy Awards?


Did Star Wars: The Last Jedi garner enough recognition by the Academy Awards or did they get snubbed?

Did Star Wars: The Last Jedi get enough attention from the Academy Awards? With the Oscars approaching, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) determines whether or not a particular movie stands out from the crowd; if it’s worthy of the coveted Oscar.

I don’t base my opinion on the Hollywood elite so I could not care less what they think — especially considering it took way too long for Leonardo DiCaprio to get his first Oscar award. So, I do believe The Last Jedi deserved more recognition.

Especially from Best Actor and Supporting Actor categories. Adam Driver and Mark Hamill left out, much like most Star Wars actors have in the past. Starting with Driver, his chemistry with Daisy Ridley was top notch, and emotion he brought to the table was spot-on. His performance deserved stronger consideration for the elite award of Best Actor.

Meanwhile, Mark Hamill’s jaded version of Luke was a tremendous effort in a supporting role. But, naturally, outside of Alec Guinness’ nomination for Best Supporting Actor for A New Hope, no other Star Wars actor has received such honor and probably never will. And that’s a shame.

The Last Jedi though got some pretty big nominations, however. Best Original Score, Visual Effects, Sound Mixing and Sound Editing. Let’s look more in detail what each award means. This is what’s expected for Sound Mixing to get nominated for an Oscar.

"The Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing is an Academy Award that recognizes the finest or most euphonic sound mixing or recording, and is generally awarded to the production sound mixers and re-recording mixers of the winning film."

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Here’s what is expected for the Sound Editing nomination.

"“The Academy Award for Best Sound Editing is an Academy Award granted yearly to a film exhibiting the finest or most aesthetic sound design or sound editing. Sound editing is the creation of sound effects”"

Everyone assumed since John Williams was involved with the music, The Last Jedi would get nominated for another Best Original Score — his fifth time nominated for such award for Star Wars, taking home the win for A New Hope. 

I was also pleased that it got nominated for Visual Effects, with the space battle at the beginning, to The First Order bearing down on the Republic on Crait. The visuals in this movie were fantastic. I expect The Last Jedi to take home Oscars Visual Effects and Best Original Score.

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I could argue all day about how this film deserved every award possible, but we can’t win them all right? Should Star Wars: The Last Jedi have been nominated in more categories? If so which ones?