The Last Jedi: Why is Rey so powerful?


How did Rey become so powerful by the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi showcased the strength of its heroine, Rey, where her powers even terrified the seasoned Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Only his nephew Ben Solo displayed such abilities among his Padawan learners, aiding his transformation into the sinister Kylo Ren.

It makes sense that someone within the mighty Skywalker bloodline would have these unique gifts from the Force, but, how could a “nobody” such as Rey rival the grandson of Darth Vader? Well, the Force works in mysterious ways and come to find out, is all about maintaining balance.

"“Darkness rises, and light to meet it.”"

Luke even mentions to Rey how “powerful light” and “powerful dark” coincide, working together, somehow. During the throne room scene in The Last Jedi, the Supreme Leader is aware and expects someone from the Light Side of the Force to counter the strength of Kylo Ren. He assumed, wrongly, it would be Skywalker, but the Light manifests in Rey instead.

But, why Rey? Why did the Force choose someone from the backwater and desolate world of Jakku? For the same reason, it manifested within a slave, Shmi Skywalker, creating her son Anakin in the process.

The “Chosen One” Anakin brought balance to the Force but shockingly and frighteningly. By (nearly) destroying the Jedi Order, he brings balance, with the Jedi of almost 10,000 members narrowed down to two — matching that of the duo of Sith Lords.

The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary informs us that Luke discovers how the Force recycles its balance over and over again, shifting back and forth over the years — which brings us back to Rey.

Rey’s natural ability compliments the skills she learned growing up. She taught herself how to fight, how to fly, and spent her isolation studying the various languages. She is no “Mary Sue” like others claim, but a perfect blend of training, upbringing, and raw power from the Force itself.

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Our friend Star Wars Explained makes an excellent observation, revealing the possibility that Rey and Kylo Ren were able to absorb the powers and abilities of one another. When Kylo Ren mind-probed Rey and vice versa, it’s possible the two accomplished such feat.

Also, the Darkness was rising so quickly and powerfully across the galaxy, that the Force struck back. It’s similar to the Legends novel Darth Plaguies, where the Force creates Anakin, striking back against Darth Plaguies and Darth Sidious. Remember, Darkness rises, with Light to meet it.

Rey, in many ways, is like Anakin; a reaction to the Dark Side’s shadow, countering it. What’s left to be told is if Darkness and Light will finally be able to strike a perfect balance, with both Rey and Kylo Ren. A constant, perfect balance within the Force is something that none have achieved, but if anyone can maintain it, it’s the powerful one-two punch of “Reylo.”

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is playing in theatres worldwide, where you can see the very strength of Rey for yourself.