Star Wars fandom: Can’t we all just get along in a galaxy far, far away?


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Star Wars: The Last Jedi caused a great disturbance in the Force, creating a significant split in a galaxy far, far away? Is this rift beyond repair moving forward for Star Wars fans?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi split the fandom within a galaxy far, far away straight down the middle. Lines are drawn. Sides are taken, with war waging within our vast universe of escapism. The Last Jedi was supposed to bring balance to the Force, not leave the Star Wars fandom in darkness.

But, here we are, divided. Honestly, these seeds of division were sown way back in the mid 90’s, when George Lucas made subtle, but at the same time, significant changes to the Original Trilogy. He then mixed things up a bit with Episodes I-III, creating a creative and diverse trilogy. Many people loved those films, but others were divided, feeling those films were not worthy of the Star Wars designation.

The trend then continued with Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, when the Maker, George Lucas, sold his beloved trademark — which included his beloved Star Wars franchise — for a cool $ 4 billion. To make matters worse, the (former) Expanded Universe was tossed into the Legends vault, no longer the primary story arc of the galaxy.

Flashforward to the present day and age, with matters worse than ever. The Last Jedi shifted the Force out of balance, leaving a fanbase divided. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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We can attest to this, receiving much hate for our enjoyment of The Last Jedi — where it’s no secret we enjoyed the movie. You would be shellshocked by the comments and private messages we’ve read. It’s quite depressing, to tell you the God’s honest truth.

Contrary to what you might believe, we are okay with those of you who did not like The Last Jedi. Many of our colleagues and Star Wars experts across the globe felt the same way. But, unlike a substantial portion of the fandom, we are able to engage in civil and friendly conversations with them.

The beauty of the Star Wars universe is its diversity and creativity. Let’s embrace that aspect of the Force. However, there is no need for fear, which leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate, leads to suffering.

For those of you who prefer Legends over the new material; there’s a place for you within the fandom. Those who are consuming the current canon material, as we are, there’s a place for you, also. Believe it or not, there are those who enjoy both aspects of the Force. Nevertheless, acceptance is the key to bridging this massive gap between fellow Star Wars fans.

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How about we all hug it out, and be grateful there is new content to consume. If that’s not your fancy, that’s okay too. Having varying opinions is not a bad thing, but within a galaxy far, far away, it’s been toxic of late. It’s time to make a change, fellow Star Wars fans. Let’s embrace love, not hatred.

"We’re going to win this war, not by fighting what we hate, but saving what we love."