Star Wars themed hotels will bring a galaxy far, far away to you


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Disney, Lucasfilm reveals more details on Star Wars themed hotels, which will take your breath away.

Last July, Disney/Lucasfilm revealed plans for Star Wars themed hotels — which will bring a galaxy far, far away to fans across the globe at Tokyo Disney Resort, Disney Parks, and Resorts. At D23 in Tokyo, additional plans for Disney’s largest venue, Walt Disney World in Florida were revealed — which will take your breath away.

"Guests immediately become active citizens of the galaxy and can dress up in the proper attire."

For those of you who are into cosplay, such as I, will love this feature, where you’ll be able to don the attire of your favorite Star Wars character. If that’s not your fancy, no worries, where it’s not required to dress up during your stay.

The Star Wars Hotel will connect to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, a brand-new theme-park part of Disney World, projected to open around summer of 2019. The hotel will reside within the gates of Hollywood Studios, the first time a Disney hotel location is within the actual amusement park confines.

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If that wasn’t enough, every guest-rooms window provides a view directly into space, creating the “illusion” you are actually on a Star Destroyer. Next, you will “depart” earth, arriving at a trading port designation “Battu,” on Galaxies Edge. It will be a unique and virtual reality experience like none other.

Disney will also provide a unique shopping experience, with a “Toydarian” shopping market — will Watto be around haggling us during our ventures? We can only hope so!

Talk about getting your money’s worth, huh? This is likely just the beginning, where our imaginations run wild with possibilities. Coruscant would be the greatest destination, with its breathtaking skyline and extravagant apartments of the 500 Republica. Imagine a hotel suite replica of Chancellor Palpatine’s luxurious quarters or the beautiful loft apartment of Padme?

Or, even the more rural vibe of the Skywalker homestead on Tatooine would be amazing — where blue milk would no doubt be awaiting your stay. I’m sure they would even keep a light on for you, too.

That’s the beauty of Disney and Lucasfilm, allowing you to use your imagination and making dreams come true. The new Disney Star Wars hotel will allow both to become a reality. Who else is already making vacation plans to visit a galaxy (not so) far, far away?

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The Star Wars hotel will open in 2019, in a galaxy near you, premiering at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.