Star Wars Rebels: Sneak preview of the next episode – Jedi Night


Disney/Lucasfilm release our first look at the next Star Wars Rebels episode “Jedi Knight” featuring Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus.

They say all good things must come to an end, and Star Wars Rebels is no exception to the rule. In less than a week, the final stretch of episodes premieres on Disney XD, but Lucasfilm/Disney gives a bit of an appetizer to hold us over until Monday.

The first episode upon our return from a long hiatus is title Jedi Night, featuring Kanan Jarrus, Jedi Knight. There is no typo in the title, with the heading a teaser of what’s to come for Kanan, who will no doubt meet his demise sooner than later.

Thanks to Clayton Sandell’s exclusive coverage at ABC, we have our first look at what he’s calling the “major turning point” in Star Wars Rebels. Check out the video here. 

"“There’s always this thing where you have a student, and they’re becoming more and more adept than the master… What a nod from Kanan to say, ‘I trust you with this… this is really important to him, this idea that Hera is in peril. You would think that there’s no way that Kanan wouldn’t take up the responsibility of leading this mission.”"

“Take the lead on getting Hera back. I can’t think clearly because of the way I feel about her. I might make a mistake. One that could cost us.”

Apparently, from the latest trailer from Star Wars Rebels, we know Ezra convinces Kanan to join them in rescuing Hera, but this moment displays Kanan’s utmost trust in his student. Kanan does, however, allow Ezra to lead the mission — one with great importance not only to Kanan but the Rebellion itself.

The scene is more than what meets the eye, with it likely symbolizing Kanan passing on the torch to Ezra — with the Master all but certain to meet his doom at any time.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

With Star Wars Rebels coming to an end, Supervising Director of Star Wars Rebels, Dave Filoni teases fans with what’s next for him and Lucasfilm Animation.

"“There won’t be a lack of ‘Star Wars’ in the future, that’s for sure.”"

Those are words we like to hear and the same rings exact for Star Wars films, where we have two more trilogies in the works, Episode IX about to begin filming, and an Obi-Wan movie rumored to be in production. Let’s just say it’s an ideal time to be a fan of a galaxy far, far away — no matter what angry, fanboys are telling you on their Internet blogs.

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Star Wars Rebels returns on Disney XD, February 19.