Star Wars rumors: Disney searching for new developers for video games?


With many Star Wars fans are fed up with the recent handling of Star Wars video games by EA, Disney may be seeking out new developers for gaming in the near future.

The Star Wars Battlefront video gaming experience left a sour taste in gamers’ mouths across the galaxy, falling way short of expectations in the process. Star Wars Battlefront II was supposed to be the chosen one, and right the Falcon, of sorts.

Well, the writing is on the wall, with Super Mario reigning supreme once again.

On the surface, that’s awful news for Star Wars gamers across the galaxy, but, taking a closer look, it may be a blessing disguise. For those of you seeking Star Wars gameplay outside of PlayStation, Xbox One, and PC consoles, you may just be in luck.

Our friends at provide us with the intricate details of a possible shake-up in Star Wars gaming. For now, these are just rumors; but where there is smoke there usually is fire. Could Star Wars games, including the Battlefront series, come to the Nintendo Switch?

The odds are in your favor, with the Switch dominating sales within their single-player campaigns. Disney would be wise in making a  “switch” of their own and provide fans with what they deserve — gaming on Nintendo consoles.

With five years under their belt, EA has released only two new games — Battlefront and Battlefront II. Now, if those hit well with Star Wars gamers, then it wouldn’t be a big deal, but the fact that Battlefront has, overall, been a disappointment, maybe it’s time to move on from EA and embrace Nintendo instead.

The three primary complaints about Battlefront were:

  1. The Prequel Trilogy or Sequel Trilogy Eras were excluded.
  2. The game had a lack of content at launch, and much material was behind a post-launch DLC paywall.
  3. No single-player campaign.

The canon campaign mode for Battlefront II was very well done, connecting the Star Wars universe brilliantly — gaining high praise in the process.

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EA addressed those need, but sales prove that Star Wars fans are not entirely happy about their gaming experience. But, why?  EA made a tremendous mistake, charging Battlefront II consumers extra money to acquire the best weapons and hero features. Bad move EA, bad move.

"Consumers were rather cross with EA once it became clear that this was part of their game plan with the October beta, and the backlash against this practice was so controversial that EA’s stocks dropped in value by billions of dollars in value. Fans called upon one another to boycott the game or at least the microtransactions until they were outright pulled, and it got so bad that Disney put their foot down and told EA to pull the plug on them altogether…  But at this point, the damage has been done."

Lucasfilm and EA have a contract currently running through 2023, and it’s unknown if Lucasfilm will terminate such deal before that date. But, with sales less than $1 million lower than initial projects and angry mobs of gamers raising

their lightsabers in protest, don’t surprised if a change comes sooner than later.

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Hopefully, Lucasfilm does the right thing, cutting ties with EA ASAP. The Nintendo Switch is a nearly flawless new console, and Nintendo does gaming the right way — unlike the nerf herders at EA.