What’s going on with Rey and Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?


What’s the deal with Rey and Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

I love Rey. She is a most welcome addition to the Star Wars Universe and the world of female protagonists in general. She’s smart, tough, an all-around badass, but still flawed enough to be relatable.

When the trilogy first launched, I was sincerely hoping that they wouldn’t embroil her in a romantic relationship. There is this annoying tendency in film-making to force female protagonists into some sort of romantic liaison – as if that’s the only way to develop a female character. Now, I’m not saying romance is bad, or that a romantic story cannot be well done; however, I think there is this compulsion to match a woman up with a man as a character developing device. I sincerely hoped this kind of trope would be avoided in Rey’s case.

But, you guys, I have a confession. I’m a Reylo shipper.

I didn’t want to jump on that bandwagon, but I got swept up. I’m a sucker for great chemistry. In theory, I like Padme and Anakin together, but I had trouble getting onboard with that Star Wars romance because Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman lacked chemistry. But holy cow do Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley have it! That lightsaber fight in Star Wars: The Last Jedi where they work in tandem to crush Snoke’s Praetorian guards, the look Kylo gives Rey on the elevator when she calls him “Ben,” and that moment when they hold hands by the fireside…someone call the fire department because sparks are flying big time!

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I know there is a lot of debate as to whether this connection was meant to be romantic or not, but there is undeniably something there. And I know you’re thinking: “well it doesn’t matter if they had something going because they have obviously gone their separate ways!” But verily I say unto to you doubters, there is still hope! That last look that Rey and Kylo Ren share right before Rey closes the door to the Falcon gave this Reylo shipper a little bit of hope. Though Rey’s face is defiant and resolute, a hint of regret and indecision haunts Kylo Ren’s expression. To me, he doesn’t look angry but rather conflicted. There’s pain in his expression that hints at that continued internal struggle Rey sensed in him.

I’m not sure how this saga will end, but I think there is still a chance for these star-crossed individuals. Maybe they can still work things out. I mean, it’d take some intensive couples counseling to really make the relationship work (how do you trust a guy who killed his own dad and then tried to murder all of your friends?), but who knows. We’ll see what direction Abrams steers this ship (pun intended) in the next movie.

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So, are you a Reylo fan? Do you hope to see some more sizzling Reylo chemistry in Episode IX? Let us know in the comments!