Star Wars: The Last Jedi deleted scenes are revealed

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

The Supremacy Infiltration

This scene extends Finn and Rose’s mission aboard the Supremacy (Supreme Leader Snoke’s star destroyer) in the attempt to shut down the device the First Order is using to track the Resistance through hyperspace.

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After they’ve stolen some First Order Uniforms, Finn and Rose run into a Storm Trooper who is convinced that he knows Finn from somewhere. Once he recognizes Finn as FN-2187 instead of ratting Finn out the Stormtrooper, much to Finn’s surprise congratulates him on being promoted to officer.

Why is this scene so interesting? Well, it reveals that the details of Finn’s defection were never leaked. The First Order covered up the fact that Finn’s involvement in the Starkiller base catastrophe because it would have been a gargantuan embarrassment to them.

Rian Johnson said that the exchange and many of the things that happen on the star destroyer were hilarious and he was sad to see the scene go. However, he decided that it would have thrown off the pacing of that scene if they had kept it in the film.