Star Wars, Game of Thrones: Things both universes have in common

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Historically, princesses have been presented in a rather unflattering and degrading light. They’re portrayed as delicate, weak, damsels in distress who are entirely dependent upon men. These two women, however, have changed that.

Daenerys Targaryen and Leia Organa are two of the fiercest women known in their universes. They know how to fight, and you don’t want to meet with them because they will put you in your place. Leia has badass weapons and Daenerys literally owns dragons, but best of all, they can both naturally kick ass!

It’s important for filmmakers to stay away from the dreaded “must-be-protected-at-all-costs” and “damsel-in-distress” stereotypes. If you’re looking for characters that defy those tropes, these two universes definitely have you covered.

Both have remarkable #girlpower in their universes!

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Game of Thrones and Star Wars have brought a new era of powerful and fierce women to the screen.

Sansa Stark, Rey, Jyn Erso, Cersei, you name it. These characters destroy typical stereotypes by showcasing how truly strong women are and it is so rewarding!.

All of these women are physically and mentally tough. The amount of crap they have all had to face while still being able to keep themselves whole is true #girlpower.

They’re good role models for young teenage girls who want to see women develop and be in a leading role on screen, and they prove that women do not need protecting. They can stand on their own two-feet.

Power, power, and more power

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One theme that’s common to both worlds is a lust for power, whether that power takes the shape of a monarchy or an omnipresent force. There’s something greater and far more powerful than any one character, and everyone wants it.

Almost every character in the Star Wars Saga wants to master ‘The Force’. Some want it for the greater good, and others for their own selfish aims. In Game of Thrones, the symbol of power is the Iron Throne. Every character wants to claim it and rule over all of the seven kingdoms, and they are all willing to shed blood to do so.

Despite the large time difference, an individual is considered weak without some sort of higher power. This is a common theme throughout these universes. Everyone wants to claim power, but not always in the right way.

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These two opposing universes share a lot more similarities than I have listed, such as their love for snow (GOT and the ‘winter is coming’ theme, plus the Night King, and Star Wars with the planet Hoth, home to the Echo Base). The fact that there are so many similar themes and features between these two series definitely gives the GOT producers a strong starting point for their new Star Wars trilogy.

The fandoms have previously made fan-made edits of the two universes meeting. Examples include artist Andrew D.Tran drawing Game of Thrones characters as ones from the Star Wars saga and the collection of Youtube videos of ‘GoT characters with lightsabers’. 

Now that we’ve outlined several similar traits between both these worlds, I’m pretty sure a lot more people will feel more confident about a new Star Wars saga being produced by David Benioff and D.B Weiss.

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I’m for sure ready for this saga, are you?