Star Wars video games we want and studios that could make them

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Photo Credit: Lucasfilm/Electronic Arts

Who doesn’t love a good Star Wars video game? Unfortunately, we’ve been deprived of any good ones for quite some time. We have some ideas on how to amend this epidemic.

With a rumor circulating that Electronic Arts may be losing their exclusive deal with Disney, everyone and their Wookiee have ideas about which gaming studio should get a chance to make a Star Wars video game. While twenty and thirty-year-olds lament that today’s children live in ignorant bliss of what was once a golden age of gaming, we hope that the near future will feature a return to glory for Star Wars and video games.

Many video game studios today struggle to find a balance between delivering a full-fledged, fun experience and turning a profit. “Gold Editions,” season passes, and downloadable content – all for additional costs above and beyond the sixty dollar price tag associated with modern games – have become the norm. If done right, these things aren’t inherently evil, and some studios release awe-inspiring games despite the industry’s current turmoil.

Here are some of our ideas for Star Wars games, and the studios that could bring them to life. Disclaimer: These are all entirely based on our own wishful thinking.