Darth Vader Marvel Star Wars Issue 13: Seeds of the Rebellion


In the latest Issue of Darth Vader from Marvel…

Taking place three years after the ascent of the Emperor and sometime after the Issue No. 12, the latest issue of Darth Vader brings us to Mon Cala where dissent towards the Empire is growing steadily. It’s up to Vader to quell the dissent with an Iron fist and to find out who’s counseling King Lee-Char. If it is as the Emperor suspects, Vader will have a new test to face.

“It’s Anakin.  I have the high ground.”

The issue opens with Vader reliving his final moments with Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mustafar. In this fantasy, Vader exists in all his new found power. Vader succeeds where Anakin failed. He triumphs over his former master. It’s a fantasy born of anger, one that shows although Vader has grown in power, he hasn’t evolved.

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Vader is interrupted in the midst of this fantasy by a call from the Emperor. It’s time for the illusion of the Republic to fade and the Reality of the Empire to set-in. There seems to be some resistance coming from Mom Cala to the Emperor’s order — an opposition that sounds all too familiar. Emperor Palpatine suspects, that the Mon Cala King, Lee-Char, is being instructed by a Jedi. He will be sending Vader to deal with the Jedi, and demonstrate the military might of the Empire.

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The might of the Empire has many facets.

Vader travels to Mon Cala to demonstrate the Emperor’s power. And as Vader arrives to demonstrate what the Empire can do physically, Grand Moff Tarkington plans to attack Mon Cala politically. Divide and dissension amongst Mon Cala’s two races, the Quarren and Mon Calamari, will undoubtedly help to keep the system firmly in the grasp of the Empire. If the people fight amongst themselves, they can’t resist their newfound oppressors.

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Not at the expense of the Mon Calamari

King Lee-Char of the Mon Cala refuses to relinquish the systems most valued resources to the Empire without adequate compensation. He looks after the well being of his people, unaware that he is putting himself in harm’s way.

After the Imperial negotiator’s turned away, it’s Vader’s turn to change King Lee-Char’s mind. And if Vader finds the Jedi that’s is suspected to be counseling the King, Mon Cala will be in more trouble than they bargained for.

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“The more you tighten your grip… the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”

The issue sets the stage for the start of the Rebellion. With the Empire tightening its grip, the Military might of Mon Cala will eventually join the Rebel Alliance under the leadership of Admiral Ackbar, whom we see here’s as the head of the King’s Security detail.

It’s great to see Ackbar get some backstory as the era between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope receives revision and is given more depth. I also look forward to seeing other fan favorites make their appearances as this series continues.

Vader will also face his first real test as a Sith Lord. He will come face-to-face with a Jedi who knows who and what he is. Vader will not only have to prove himself to the Emperor but also what’s left of Anakin Skywalker within him is indeed gone.

Marvel; Lucasfilm

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