Solo: A Star Wars Story predictions and Easter eggs you may have missed from the trailer!

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A few Easter Eggs you may have missed in the new Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer!

If you haven’t seen the beauty that is the latest Solo A Star Wars Story trailer yet, can watch it here before reading ahead. Now, let’s take a minute to appreciate the beauty and climax that has been built in this trailer.

It was everything we have been waiting for; the wait was worth it. The visuals, the characters, both new and old, it was all commemorating, and I don’t know how much longer I can wait for May 25th!

Along with that, were many hints and odd little bits that we may have missed. Below are a few of the significant Easter eggs that I’ve assembled, and play a (probably) big part of the plot.

Firstly, who is that other Wookie?!

Credit: Lucasfilm

Since this is a prequel film of Han’s life, and Chewie being his dedicated partner in crime, it’s possible we see part of Chewie’s backstory too. In this shot, it looks like he’s bidding farewell to another Wookie, which could most possibly be his wife, Malla.

He was with her before spending the rest of his life with Han Solo, and what better second Wookie to introduce than his wife, am I right?!

We also learned Chewie’s age (well, kind of)

Credit: Lucasfilm

Near the end of the trailer, Chewie tells Han that he’s 190 years old, and Han tells him how good he looks in response. Wow, who knew Wookies could live for that long?!

Bearing in mind that this is a prequel, this must mean Chewie is a lot older now. Wow, Wookies are so youthful, aren’t they?