Solo: A Star Wars Story predictions and Easter eggs you may have missed from the trailer!

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Meet Enfys Nest, a mystery female character

Enfys is supposedly the big bad of the movie and is known as the leader of the Cloud Rider gang. What I noticed from this, is that her armor has subtle Boba-Fett type element to it, like the helmet looks awfully similar to his.

"“While a black cape and facial scarring are perfectly serviceable villain design traits, they can’t hold a candle to Enfys Nest’s necklace of teeth, Wookiee-fur cape and bladed helmet. As we’ve noted elsewhere, Enfys Nest’s helmet design suggests that the pirate might hail from Mandalore or perhaps she simply killed a Mandalorian and took their armor. – Screenrant"

Maybe that’s just me, but the resemblance is there, and this movie could be a good place for Boba himself (along with Jabba, who has been greatly rumored) to cameo if they’re going to include features like the helmet in it.

 What creature is this?!

Credits to: Lucasfilm

My first guess is that this is a Purrgil, which is a type of whale-space creature that can travel through hyperspace. They actually made an appearance in Star Wars Rebels, and Hera Syndulla has mentioned that they can be an obstruction as ships tend to crash into them during their travels.

"“The purrgil are dangerous. They wander into hyperspace lanes, crash into ships. I lost more than one friend that way.” “Well, maybe they don’t realize they’re putting people in danger. Maybe it’s like Kanan says, you know. They just do what they do.“- Hera Syndulla & Ezra Bridger"

So they may not necessarily be killing machine, but due to their large size and their constant traveling, they can cause major accidents they may not even intend to do.

Since the Solo: A Star Wars trailer showed a lot more of the Falcon traveling through hyperspace, this could be the climax of it, and just could be foreshadowing someone dying? (Okay, maybe I’m going a liiiiiiiitle too deep into analysis here!).

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The Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer was a lot better than the first few teasers, and definitely leaves us hanging with a lot more questions!

Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres May 25, worldwide.