Marvel Comics: Star Wars Poe Dameron comic reveals events after Star Wars: The Last Jedi


The upcoming Star Wars Marvel Comics Poe Dameron issue reveals events after the latest Star Wars: The Last Jedi. It’s a surprise, but a welcome one!

For those of you who can’t wait until Star Wars: Episode IX to know what happens following the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, do we have a treat for you! The Star Wars Marvel Comics latest issue of Poe Dameron takes place after the most recent Star Wars film.

Up until now, the Poe Dameron Star Wars Marvel Comics have taken place prior to The Force Awakens, but for this issue, the powers to be decided to mix it up a bit — and we are glad they did!

Taking place after the Battle of Crait in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we receive a scene with Poe Dameron, Rey, and Finn on the Millenium Falcon.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

It’s evident that Rey is taking a page out of the playbook of Qui-Gon Jinn, focusing on the living Force, staying in the moment; a lesson that took Luke Skywalker decades to learn — the hard way. Poe Dameron is still reeling from his recent failures, but hopefully, he embraces his inner Kylo Ren, letting the past die.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

The expression on Finn’s face is a grim one, where it doesn’t look like he’s in the mood to play around — unlike Poe Dameron and Rey. Their bantering back and forth on who the best pilot it makes me laugh because it’s apparent that Kylo Ren has them all beat.

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

In The Force Awakens novelization, we learn the details of how Poe Dameron survives that very crash. If you don’t know, you should the read the book for yourself. 

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm

The map, to Skywalker himself. Poe Dameron is on a collision course with the events of The Force Awakens, and hopefully, we also see this story through the eyes of Kylo Ren, who’s after the very same item.

Is this flashforward also hinting that Poe Dameron and Rey will become romantically involved, or, at the very least team up in Star Wars: Episode IX? The odds are probable, and wouldn’t Poe Dameron, and Rey make a perfect couple? I mean, Rey already friend-zoned Finn at the end of The Force Awakens, so Poe is a likely candidate.

Kylo Ren will no doubt take issue with this, giving him one further reason to hate Poe Dameron. The very idea opens up Pandora’s box and variety ideas for the Lucasfilm story group for the next movie — you are welcome!

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What a fun ride the Star Wars Marvel Comics featuring Poe Dameron have been thus far. If you haven’t picked up a copy, you need to head over to your local comic book store or do so online. What have you been doing with your life?

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