An even newer Solo: A Star Wars Story “Risk” TV spot


More footage, you guys! Lucasfilm has given us another sneak peek of the film in a new Solo: A Star Wars Story “Risk” TV Spot. It may be only 45 seconds, but this TV spot is action-packed.

What makes this TV spot for Solo: A Star Wars Story different is that its focus is predominantly on the ragtag team of ruffians who will be the focal point of this film. Each member of the team gets a little more screen time and spotlight than in previous TV spots. We even get to see some teamwork unfolding between Han Solo and Lando Calrissian.

At the very end of the spot, Han Solo and Lando are stuck in a tough spot (a pretty common occurrence for our favorite cocky smuggler) pinned against the hull of the Millennium Falcon as blaster shots rip through the air around them. Lando, still cool as a cucumber considering the circumstances, shouts Han’s name as he tosses him a blaster, not missing a beat in firing his own blaster at their attackers.

Who are they fighting? Have they perhaps found themselves in a skirmish with the infamous and newly canonized Cloud Riders gang? Or perhaps they’ve come into conflict with Dryden Vos, the crime lord that hires them for a job and is purportedly the main villain of the upcoming film! Who knows, but I am excited that it’s just a little over a month until we get to find out!

One of the most tantalizing lines from the Solo: A Star Wars Story TV spot comes from Woody Harrelson’s character, Tobias Beckett. He warns Han Solo, telling him that these people (presumably the people on the team that has been hired for the smuggling job) are not his friend.

He follows this statement up by asserting that:

"“There is a lesson to be learned here.”"

These chilling statements are followed up with a shot of the young smuggler, Han Solo, saying:

"“I have a good feeling about this!”"

One can’t help but wonder if this is a commentary on the naiveté of this young man. Will we see him become more cynical and wary in this film? If so, what will prompt these changes? Will he be betrayed by members of his crew? Will he betray them? This TV spot has left me with so many new, burning questions about Solo: A Star Wars Story! I can’t wait to have them all answered on May 25th!

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What did you all think of the new TV spot? What lessons do you think Han Solo will learn in the new film? Let us know in the comments below!