New Han Solo novel reveals Ben Solo’s near-death experience as a child, leading to his future as Kylo Ren?


The latest Star Wars Han Solo novel Last Shot reveals a dark past for Ben Solo, possibly leading to his transformation of Kylo Ren later in life.

The journey to Solo: A Star Wars Story is in full “Force,” with Denny’s promotional Han Solo campaign kicking things off a few weeks ago — where Dork Side of the Force was fortunate enough to attend the premiere in Hollywood.

With the recent release of new toys/collectibles, a full-length theatrical trailer, and a TV Spots (with more likely to come any day now); the hype is real for the Han Solo featured film.

The most recent leg of this trip is the release of the Han Solo and Lando Calrissian adventure novel, Star Wars: Last Shot, which is a prequel of sorts to Solo: A Star Wars Story. The novel itself jumps around from events before A New Hope to, two years after Return of the Jedi.

During the post Return of the Jedi events, we meet Ben Solo, aka Kylo Ren, as a two-year-old youngling, before he did the unthinkable of killing Star Wars legend Han Solo.

Spoilers for Star Wars: Last Shot ahead. You are warned!

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As a youngling, Ben Solo acted as any two-year-old would. Moody at times, but also a bright light for the Solo family. And, boy does he love his “Uncle” Lando. We also learn in The Last Jedi novelization that Kylo Ren/Ben Solo idolized his father, Han Solo, growing up — even playing with Han’s dice inside of the Millenium Falcon.

But, as time went on, Kylo Ren showed that he had much of his grandfather, Darth Vader inside of him. Also shown in The Last Jedi book adaptation, Ben Solo breaks household items in violence, using the Force. As this behavior continued into his teenage years and early adulthood, they decided to send Ben Solo off to train with his Uncle Luke Skywalker to see if he could help the troubled young man — according to the Bloodline novel.

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From Kylo Ren’s point of view, his parents were always too busy for him, and he feels, well, Solo at times.

Also, an event as a young child may have paved a way towards the Dark Side of the Force for Ben Solo and his transformation into Kylo Ren. The excerpt below is quite dark and twisted, but such are the ways of the  Dark Side of the Force.

"BX advanced, his serrated blade arm unfolding with a quiet whir. Ben spun around. And the world flashed into a pale emptiness, bright light pouring in from everywhere. Had they been bombed? BX wondered. Where was he? A voice was whimpering nearby. Soft sniffles filled the air. Ben. Ben Solo. BX looked down as the world came back into focus, its crimson hue gone. The boy was staring up at him with wide, watery eyes. BX’s knife arm folded back into itself. Why had he had it out? Was he preparing a meal of some kind?… BX whirled around, unsure why he’d left the kitchen in the first place. Must’ve been a programming glitch of some kind."

Oh, my. No wonder young Solo turned out the way he did. What a traumatic event, for anyone, but especially that of a two-year-old boy. But, more than a near disaster, the point of including Ben Solo in this novel is much more profound.

The author, Daniel Jose Older gives Ben Solo/Kylo Ren more humanity, so when you see him in the films, it’s easier to empathize with him — remembering him as once an innocent child.

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Hopefully, a Ben Solo and Luke Skywalker adventures story is the next addition to the Star Wars canon timeline, which would delve more into this area. It’s only a matter of time!

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