Star Wars Day: Four reasons it’s so great being a Star Wars fan!

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Photo Credit: [Rogue One: A Star Wars Story] Lucasfilm

Celebrating Star Wars Day/May the Fourth be with You:

A Return to Marvel Comics.

This is not an insult to the other comic book publishers who have produced Star Wars comics over the years. Truthfully, Dark Horse has produced some of the best Star Wars stories we hot-bedded during the dark years.

About it still is nice to see the Marvel Comics logo on a Star Wars comic book. Let’s not forget that a long time ago it was Marvel’s Comics that help keep fans interested in the series and propelled its popularity.

If nostalgia wasn’t enough of a reason to be happy that Star Wars is back in Marvel’s hands, then Charles Soule’s latest Darth Vader run is. Fifteen issues into the series and we’ve gotten a peek on Anakin’s piece by piece transformation into Darth Vader post Revenge of the Sith.

We feel Darth Vader’s rage page in and page out.  We quickly see how his relationship with the Emperor is defined. And lastly, we why Darth Vader has a penchant for Force choking Imperial Officers.

The other Star Wars series from Marvel have been just as fun to read, as are the character-defining one-offs and miniseries. The books help define the character we all know and love and help us to see them from a different angle. It will be great to see what stories we get once the current saga trilogy isn’t complete.