Marvel Comics: Darth Vader No.14 reveals another surviving Jedi


Marvel Comics Darth Vader Issue No. 14 – A Tidal Wave of Resistance.

If you haven’t been reading the latest run of Darth Vader from Marvel Comics, you are really missing out. Not only is the series redefining Darth Vader in the Star Wars canon, but it’s also slowly revealing why the Rebellion and the Resistance were so necessary.

The seeds of Rebellion are not grown just from discontent but grown from the struggle to break free from a choke hold with the desire to breathe freely.

This latest installment of Darth Vader Marvel Comics run, picks up right where the last issue left off. An imperial envoy has been mysteriously assassinated sparking an Imperial Assault on Mon Cala’s surface city, Dac City.

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Leading the imperial forces is none other than Darth Vader himself, along with the Sith Inquisitorious.  There’s a Jedi hiding on Mon Cala, and the assault serves to draw him out.

King Lee-Char, however, will not surrender his home world so easily.  He orders the evacuation of Dac City’s inhabitants to Mon Cala’s strongholds below the surface. The King makes on every last attempt to get Governor Tarkin to call off his dogs, but Tarkin will not negotiate and most likely gave the order to assassinate the envoy as a means to justify the imperial assault on the city.

Below the surface, a Master is wary of facing a former ally turned adversary.

Photo Credit: Marvel; Lucasfilm

Hidden below the surface of the water Jedi Master Barr and a hand full of Jedi Knights who managed to survive order 66 plan their next move. Master Barr provides intel on the man they must face. He knows who truly lies behind the black mask.

Formerly one of their allies, Master Barr now explains to his fellow Jedi with the assistance of security footage from the Jedi temple, that Anakin Skywalker now known as Darth Vader will be the most dangerous adversary that they will ever face.

Meanwhile, Darth Vader and the Sith inquisitors make short work of any resistance they run into. Darth Vader taps into his memories of his previous journey to Mon Cala, as Anakin Skywalker at the side Padme Amidala. A memory of a better time, yet it serves its purpose of helping direct Darth Vader to King Lee-Char.

Desparte times often call for desparate measures.

Photo Credit: Marvel; Lucasfilm

However, Darth Vader has gotten to the King too late.  Lee-Char has already set up Mon Cala’s defenses with Ackbar guiding the forces in the planet’s Northern hemisphere and Raddus guiding the troops in the South.

Photo Credit: Marvel; Lucasfilm

This series adds depth to a period in the saga we never thoroughly knew about.

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On the advisement of Jedi Master Barr, who has been advising King Lee-Char, the King uses a weapon against the Imperial force that even Darth Vader is unprepared for

This is the second issue in what appears to be a five issue arc. The story thus far has delivered us two whoppers, the first being the assassination of the Imperial Envoy and the second the destruction of Dac City.

Charles Soule laid out the foundations for both actions beautifully, in what is quickly becoming the best story in the new Star Wars canon.

Tarkin’s manipulations and Master Barr’s definitive decision making showcase how both sides of this conflict operate in achieving their means.

It’s certainly the kind of depth and world building we all hoped for in a series like this. The Lucasfilm Story group also deserves credit for streamlining the birth of the Rebellion into a clear and concise story.

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The story of Darth Vader and the early Rebellion has fascinated Star Wars fans for the year, and Soule and the Lucasfilm Story group have been delivering great depth to the Galaxy in this Star Wars Marvel Comics series.

You can order all the Darth Vader issues through Marvel Star Wars here.