Star Wars: Episode IX Rey, Kylo Ren rumors debunked and explored

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Photo Credit: [Star Wars: The Last Jedi] Lucasfilm

“Anakin’s Lightsaber is repaired”: Likely Debunked

"The Kyber crystal in Anakin’s lightsaber is literally rended in half, raising serious questions about how, or even if, it will be – or can be – repaired. Rian Johnson and Jason Fry (TLJ novel) both confirmed the Kyber crystal was cleaved in two because it could not “find resonance” with Rey or Kylo / Ben."

I’ve seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi at least 100 times — well not that many, but I’ve seen it A LOT — and I always believed that the kyber crystal from Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber remained intact until I read Jason Fry’s novelization of the film.

Instead of debunking rumors, this stirs up more; and the possibilities are endless. How will Rey get her hands on a kyber crystal? At this point in Galactic history, these rare organisms are rare, after the Empire’s Jedi Purge.

After the destruction of the Jedi Order (the first time around) any remaining kyber crystal was used to power both Death Stars. With Jedha City and the Jedi Temple on Lothal, both destroyed, and the Jedi pilgrimage planet of Illum (almost certainly) turned into Starkiller base also non-existent, it would be difficult for Rey to get her hands on one.

Rey and Kyo Ren could both restore the lightsaber together, but I don’t see that happening. A Kylo Ren redemption story is still plausible, but it seems he is letting the past die and would likely have no interest in Anakin’s lightsaber at this point.

I do want Rey’s staff turned into a lightsaber in Star Wars: Episode IX, with the first onscreen pink blade in Star Wars history. How cool would that be?